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Armstrong Milling

Armstrong Milling came to us with a problem – they lacked consistency and accuracy. Their line of Scott’s bird feed needed a evolutionary design refresh to enhance it’s unique selling features for their loyal birding customers. Together we collectively came to a solution that enhanced the meaning behind the design. In turn, the new packaging attracts wild bird enthusiasts as well as bird watching hobbyists alike.
After meeting with Armstrong and listening to their story, it became quite clear that their passion for the types of birds and the bird watching industry needed to be included in their overall packaging. The packaging needed to make sense and co-relate. From the scientific meaning behind each carefully selected ingredient, to the behaviours and patterns of each specific bird species, to market each blend accurately. We needed to find a solution that would be recognizable enough for the everyday bird hobbyists consumers, as well as the hardcore bird watchers.


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Packaging Redesign

Armstrong Milling


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